Sicily west coast beaches

Back in May returning from our trip to Favignana, we found ourselves wondering around the southern coast of Sicily. Two hours drive away from Trapani we were on our way to Sciacca, place where apparently you will find one of the most spectacular (and expensive)  golf courses of Sicily, the Verdura […]

46 km of Slovenian Riviera

It is 1st of March,  sunny outside and it feels like spring is slowly coming around the corner, but painfully slowly.  I wish I could return to the sunny coast of Slovenia, having coffee in a shadow of  pine trees and breathing in fresh air of Adriatic sea, overlooking magnificent coastline. My partner […]

Top 7 Malta beaches

What a fantastic place to close beach season and year of travels. Maltese archipelago in the central Mediterranean sea is a perfect escape from a foggy autumn in London, and a great excuse to get your bikini’s out of the closet at the beginning of October.  Close enough to get away for a weekend and far […]