In this blog I share my honest opinion about the places I have visited and I hope that it will serve as inspiration for your own travels.

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  1. Hi Leva, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the great tips on your blog! I am from Sweden and together with my husband and our two kids we love Sardinia but had only visited the northern parts until I read your blogposts about Chia and Cala Gonone. So last summer we stayed almost a week in each place and loved both, the beaches you wrote about are truly fantastic! For Chia we stayed in Pula as per your recco, we also took your advice on restaurants, they were excellent. Looking forward to more new from you! Kind regards, Katarina

  2. Hi Leva! Wanted to write you that this is the best site I ould ever find about Sardinia beaches:) Thank you very much and I hope my trip will become even better with your advices!

  3. Nice blog! Since you like Sardegna… you might also like Calabria… You should try: Praia a Mare, San Nicola Arcella, Pizzo (Calabro), Parghelia golf, Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Scilla, Villa San Giovani, Reggio Calabria, Soverato, Pietragrande, Caminia, Le Castella, Capo Rizzuto.

    Or near Napoli: Capri, Ischia, Pompei, Sorento, Amalfi Coast.

  4. Leva,

    Great blog and some excellent information, thank you. I’m planning a trip to Sardinia, staying in either Cala Gonone or Alghero area. My wife needs to relax for 6 days so we’re not planning on running around. Where would you base to see all those great beaches, Cala Gonone or Alghero, or somewhere else? We’ll be arriving and leaving out of Olbia. Where in Cala Gonone would be a good base where we could go to a great local beach every day if we wanted to?



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