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Costa Smeralda & Porto Cervo beaches

Costa Smeralda easily could be the Monaco of Sardinia, beating it’s property prices with 300, 0000 EUR per m2 for some properties, throwing a strong competition in a luxury yachts market sailing crystal clear waters of Tyrrhenian sea and beating number of millionaire & celebrities coming here every year for a luxury escape. Originally developed by Prince Aga Khan as a luxury holiday resort for rich and famous, today Costa Smeralda is a busy, seaside destination which attracts thousands of holiday makers who would love to get a glimpse of celebrity lifestyle, even if that’s just watching them off the shore with binocular in their hands.


Cinque Terre beach life

Cinque Terre will always have a special place in my heart as I was there with my childhood girlfriends. Despite living in 3 different countries we have managed to maintain friendship with a distance and this little trip was to celebrate it. Cinque Terre is a truly fascinating place, not because […]

Sicily west coast beaches

Back in May returning from our trip to Favignana, we found ourselves wondering around the southern coast of Sicily. Two hours drive away from Trapani we were on our way to Sciacca, place where apparently you will find one of the most spectacular (and expensive)  golf courses of Sicily, the Verdura […]