My name is Ieva and I collect beaches. Originally from Northern Latvia, I have always loved beaches, from my happy childhood days at the Riga’s long and sandy seaside, I think I have always wanted to compensate for the short summers and unpredictable weather by going little too crazy about summer holidays. So there is no doubt, summer is definitely my favourite season and for me it means only ONE thing – beaches as much and as often as possible. Having lived around Europe from Hungary to Slovenia and Switzerland, I currently reside in UK running marketing & design dep. for growing mattress company – while trying not to be too guilty by planning every possible getaway to the new beach destinations.

I started writing blog in 2013, when I realised, that I spend so much time researching and exploring different beaches (my poor boyfriend having to drive me around off-roads and walking in swelling summer heat with cool bags and umbrellas, not sure how he is still managing this), that one day I decided I want to put them all in one place and have my summer memories, for all the cold & rainy winter evenings here in UK.

While I don’t think this will ever become my day job, I hope this blog will come handy to anybody else out there who’s slightly passionate about beaches, as I do think that life is better at the beach.

I hope you enjoy & wish you happy beaching people!

Contact me at: beachloverdiary@gmail.com or facebook, instagram