Brac Island

One thousand and One Island: Croatia & Zlatni Rat beach

Croatia with its 1244+ islands is a runner-up for a tittle “best island destination of Europe” right after Greece  and the winner Scandinavia (Finland has more than 200 000 islands),  which doesn’t really count as who’s going to beach holidays to Scandinavia..huh? Only crazy northerners!

So if you are not sure which island to go, here are some tips:

Fancy snapping pictures of celebrities and expensive yachts in the harbor – go to Hvar or Dubrovnik ( well, not really an island, but it fit’s the category ) and  escape the reality on the nearby islands and sip cocktails in one of the trendy lounge bars at the evening.

Love clubbing till the morning and pool parties till the evening Pag is your island  and its famous Zrce beach is your destination for a week (or two..or three).  

For the “eat, sleep and go to beach” holidays  – get ready for  lot’s of sun and  endless beaches on  Cres, Krk or Losinj in Opatija or deeper in the mainland Korcula, Brac or Rab islands in Zadar and… don’t forget to have shot of travovica for breakfast, lot’s of ice cream for lunch, beauty nap for afternoon and fresh fish for dinner every night! 

Zlatni Rat (Golden cape) beach

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island, Croatia

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island, Croatia

So let’s start with the beaches. Beach number one on my list is definitely Zlatni Rat on Brac island.  Unique in its shape, you won’t find anything similar anywhere else in Croatia or Europe.  A long pebbly beach stretching 600 m into the sea looks like a horn and feels like an island of its own.

While I’m not really fan of the pebbly beaches, the spectacular view compensates it all. Blue transparent  waters  are cooler than anywhere else because of the currents running  between the Brac and Hvar islands, but that’s good as you want to cool down after rolling on the hot beach stones for hours.   Beach is backed by a pine grove, that offers shadow and refreshments in one of the small beach bars.

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island, Croatia

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island, Croatia

Located only 2 km from a Bol village, Zlatni rat can be a fantastic laid back holiday destination or a day trip from Hvar island. If you decide to stay in Bol village, beach is half an hour walk by the shore (really nice walk) or you can reach it by car, there is a parking at the end of the beach. This area is also famous for windsurfers due to the strong winds, so if you get bored lying on the beach, you can waste your energy catching wind.

To get on the Brac island, take a ferry from Split which can take you to Supetar or directly to Bol.

Be prepare that by the end of the week, it will get boring as if you are not prepared for a proper road trip every day there is not much to do  …as go to (same) beach every day. Follow my blog for more posts on Croatian islands and beaches.

If you want to find this beach on the map, click on the map below.


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  1. Thank you for your good comments re Zlatni Rat and Bol. I personally have an holiday apartment in Bol since last year and I hope I will enjoy it on the incoming summer. Rodrigo from Switzerland & Chile

  2. Ok, in August it’s definitely overcrowded. And yes, umbrellas, deck chairs and bars are way too many. But this gigantic beach remains a must-see attraction on Brac. On windy days it is perfect for water sports like wind and kite surf !

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