Palma de Mallorca

Opening beach season on Illetes beach, Palma Mallorca

Illetas beach, Palma Mallorca

Illetas beach, Palma Mallorca

It was first weekend in May and I was desperate for sun and sea. One month earlier I decided, that I won’t survive without seeing beach untill my annual holidays at the end of June, and I urgently need to get somewhere out of UK.

Palma Mallorca is not the most reliable place for warm weather in May, as the temperature was keeping on the cool side just before we got there, but it turn out just fine  +23 during the day, and in the sun it felt like +30.

As we were staying in Palma, we looked for the beaches in the radius of 30 minutes on the bus, and two reasonably nice beaches came up, on the East Illetas and Portixol on the west of Palma – both of them had nice beach clubs, but some of the reviews said, that Portixol has really great beach club, but beach it self is not that special… so I though, I do actually want to see more of the sea than anything else.

Luckily our hotel was just 5 minutes walk from the bus NR. 3, which goes directly to Illetas. I still don’t know which was the right bus stop, as we got out at least one too early (I think the right one is is Illetas passage 57, as the beach club is on the nr. 52). Illetas town is on the hill with one way streets, so we had to climb the stairs to get on the lower level street to finally find the beach.


It was a nice walk till we got there, and Illetas beach was so much more than I hoped for.  The color of the sea was turquoise blue, like you would find in Sardinia. At the entrance of the beach was lovely Las Terrazas beach club, which offers refreshments and  tasty food. A bit overpriced, but worth the location. On the beach level, there are some small boutiques for a quick beach shopping, beautiful dresses and bikinis and bar where they make proper Sangria.

Illetas Beach, Palma Mallorca

Illetas Beach, Palma Mallorca

Illetas beach, Palma Mallorca

Illetas beach, Palma Mallorca


Beach is small, so I assume that in the season it will be overcrowded, but in May it was perfect. Golden sand all over the beach is perfect for lying in the sun for a whole day… too bad water was too cold to dip for a swim- only kids and crazy British adults were swimming. Getting home was even easier, bus stop is just up the stairs from the beach. Enjoy!

Find Illetas beach on this map.


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